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Story From Heather’s Desk

Nathaniel is 39 and extremely capable. He is a creative producer of music shows and a talented musician. His whole life has been about music in one way or another and he is excellent at what he does. He has talent, skills, and spark. But what he does not have is the confidence to take the next step in business and stop playing it small.

Having been working for somebody else for several years now while playing huge corporate events, he knows it’s time to get his own name out there and secure some amazing contracts for himself. His procrastination is costing him. Financially and emotionally. Because the longer he doesn’t take the next step, the more he doubts if he actually can.

Luckily, Nate gets help from someone who has done this before! With his mentor’s support, he takes the risk and leaves the company where he is currently employed, making space for the new. He reaches out to the proverbial big fish in his industry and immediately lands a contract that he’s been dreaming about for years. Nate now enjoys producing and playing music with celebrity bands and singers! Not to mention, he has a totally different financial outlook.

I could tell so many stories just like this one! Stories of talented and capable people who did not believe they had what it takes to make it in business…until they took the leap of faith and surprised themselves.

And I admit…I could have written a similar story for my own life when it comes to business.

Heather’s Story

Back in 2007-2008, our company hit rock bottom. The economy was bad as it was, but on top of that we moved and lost our business phone number in the process. Our old clients had no way to reach us and we had to start from absolute scratch. Not trivial when all your client base is gone in the blink of an eye. Let alone, our family included 3 kids, quite young at the time.

The thought of losing everything my husband and I worked for and jeopardizing the future of our family shook me to the core! I left my paralegal job that I kept on the side as our safety net and I declared that I would blow things up and build a million-dollar company! We decided to give it our last chance with me taking over the sales, come what may!

It is for hardworking entrepreneurs that I live and breathe in my business coaching practice!

I started out a single mom at 17. Alone and facing the biggest fears of my life… and they happened. I survived and I made my life a powerhouse. Without a doubt, if I could do it…then so can others.

And Then What Happened?

I still remember the day when I sat down with our accountant after 5 years our company has been in business. He kept looking at the numbers in disbelief until he finally exclaimed: “What is it about you, guys? I have never seen a growth like this in a company before! The first 5 years in business are tough as it is. But for you, things just keep getting better and better with every passing year. Do you have some phenomenal business degrees under your belts?”

I couldn’t helpbut smile…If he only knew! If someone had told me back in 1994 when I was a single mom at 17 years old, that I would own and be managing four successful businesses by the age of 41 with my husband, I would have never believed them!  From the young girl who doubted she was capable of being a mom at such a young age, to the woman who is now in charge of running these businesses, I’ve learned there is nothing you can’t achieve in life. I am a serial entrepreneur. I love building and growing businesses. I also love coaching entrepreneurs how to do the same!

“Heather Driscoll is a brilliant coach, strategist and, most important, a genius of a businesswoman. She can lift you and your business up no – matter if you need just a gentle nudge or if you’re on the verge of giving everything up. Having personally trained Heather, I can confess with a clear conscience that she is a force to be reckoned with – someone you definitely want to have your back in business. Izabela Viskupova, L.L.M., M.A., Professor at the S.W.A.T. Institute, World’s Premier Coaching Certification

What You May Not Know

Teaching you how to stop playing it small in business needs to happen in a one-on-one format with a business mentor you trust. A group format will never give you the personalized support you need even if you paid a lot for it.
Taking the leap of faith in business is not as much about the know-how as it is about the confidence to take action. Ultimately, the best know-how will not be enough if you don’t move forward with it.
The toughest part is shifting your mind so it starts to think bigger and so it maintains the optimism that will help you put that bigger vision into action. Anyone can do anything they put their mind into as long as there is support.

I don’t believe in overnight success. I don’t work a couple of hours a day from the beach. I still have days when I wonder if I’ll ever get the time to just breathe for five minutes. It took stamina and perseverance to get our businesses where they are today. But you can rest assured that the results I claim are truthful and reflect our business reality.

The lifestyle of our family is pretty much where we want it to be. Not that there is nowhere to go from here, but we don’t struggle anymore. We make a decent living and we get to make time for what matters to us. How so? I figured out a way to propel businesses to the next level and I simply keep repeating the formula. I love that I’m able to do this for my family but sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to do this for other entrepreneurs, too!