Holding the vision I had, to grow mine and my husband’s business over the years, was probably one of the most valuable tools I have used, in all aspects of my life, not only our business but in my personal life as well.


Let me explain a little bit more.  When I first took over the sales for our company, we had been an established company for 7 years.  The company was doing mediocre as my husband was stretched thin with meeting with people to quote the job, writing the estimates and then actually performing the jobs physically and then repeat the next day. His life was the same everyday and let me tell you, he was not in his element in sales. He did not like being out in the world trying to “sell his product”. Some people have a natural gift for it and some have to learn it. He learned it the hard way. I always did the books for our company, as well as payroll.


In 2010, I was laid off (and wanting it very much, I might add).  I was visualizing a plan in my head to try and take the burden off of my husband. Daily I would write down affirmations that consisted of “Dan and I are millionaires” “Dan and I have paid all of our credit card debt off” “Our company has grown exponentially”, and so on.  All the while, none of this was true in the physical realm.  Visualization was a tool that came natural to me and before The Secret and The Law of Attraction became popular or I had even heard of that concept.  I had inadvertently created an entire life I had longed for when I was in my early 20s, without even realizing how I was doing it! But that’s another blog for another time!


So when I got laid off, I created a plan to “blow this company out of the water”! I started writing down that we had landed big contracts with the State I was living in, as well as landing all of the residential jobs that I would quote. All the while I was really scared shitless, because I had never had any formal training in sales, never mind tree health and maintenance!


My husband started teaching me how to ID the trees by their leaves and then by their bark, as I would need to be able to decipher which tree it was in the winter with no leaves on it as well.  He taught me 3 very important questions to ask the homeowners and businesses when I quoted the job. 1.  Will you be keeping the wood or will we be hauling it away? 2. Where is your septic tank? 3. Where is your well?  This three questions he taught me, were the most important. If I knew they wanted to keep the wood, I could gauge how long the job would take without having to bring in extra equipment. If I knew where the septic and well were, I could decide if a 33,000 lb bucket truck could drive on their lawn (with pads to protect their lawn) without causing those two items to be crushed or run over!


With just that small amount of training, I was off and running! Bein in sales was very natural to me. I always had an innate ability to read people. I am an empath and I can feel their feelings, so I always knew how strong to come on and push, or to back off and let them decide who to hire. I felt honored and beaming with excitement with every job that I landed. I knew that if they hired us, they would not be disappointed. My husband’s work ethic and quality of work were unmatched. He always left the properties cleaner than when he started. He always strived for a perfect reputation and he succeeded very much in that department.  So with that confidence that the people would be happy with the end result, because I had worked with him and believed in him and what he could do, I could sell the work no problem!


All along, I kept holding the vision.  The vision that we had contracts with big commercial companies. We had work year round. We had employees that we valued and they valued us in return and were loyal. And guess what… 1 year after taking over the sales, our profits grew by 30% and I landed a State contract! The second year I landed an even bigger contract that has helped us grow this company to the next level.  We went from 1 employee besides Dan and myself, to 17. I’m not saying that there haven’t been huge challenges along the way, but we rose as a team together to meet each one and have over-come them!


Coaching seemed the next logical step for me. I coach people in major life decisions as well as help define paths and goals in their business. I am good at what I do, because I did it all afraid and I kept pushing and going. I learned that when you want to create something out of nothing, you have to hold the vision of what you want and then release it for the rest to happen. That’s all that life is about in any situation, whether business or personal. Do it afraid, that is what’s called courage. Hold the vision that you have for yourself and your business and you will watch it all grow exponentially!



Heather Driscoll works with entrepreneurs who know it’s time to stop playing it small and take their business to the next level. Working with business owners and managing four businesses of her own, she packaged her experience and developed a comprehensive coaching program called Business Confidence Program: Boost Your Confidence & Start Playing a Bigger Business Game. Heather coaches and mentors entrepreneurs into creating growth in their business and security in their financial future.