Investing In Your Soul’s Growth

Have you ever looked at a person and thought to yourself “if I were that confident I could do anything…” It’s as if they are covered by some impenetrable shield and anything, good or bad, that comes their way is completely manageable and easy to deal with. They always seem happy, excited for what is to come and have a pep in their step. They let things “roll off their back,” and go through life with what seems to be ease and constant grace. There is no mountain too high for them to climb; heck, even when they struggle to get up to the top, they still go through it all with a smile on their face! It can be hard not to be jealous or even irritated. How come even on a cloudy day they still find a way to see just the slightest sliver of sunshine! You find yourself asking “what makes those types of people so different from me?”

The real and easy answer is simply you. 

There is no magic button. No wave of a fairy wand. No lucky charm following them around.

The secret is that they have mastered the art of the mindset.

Now think back to you asking yourself the questions above. Picture yourself huffing and puffing and pouting. Clenching your fists and yelling “it’s not fair!” This, my friends, is the scarcity mentality. The scarcity mentality is when all you see is lack. You don’t have enough money for this and you can’t buy that and you wish you could go on that beautiful vacation or take that amazing workshop, but you don’t have the funds or the time and you never ever will! Before you have even begun to try and take part in these life-changing opportunities, you have convinced yourself they are impossible to reach. 

This way of thinking is something that goes unnoticed by many people – it’s a very dangerous mindset. It boxes you in and creates strict limits on your life. If you have a scarcity mentality then you probably grew up in a house that had one too. This is a learned pattern. And this pattern becomes a lifestyle habit. But we must remember this: IT IS ONLY MINDSET. We have the ability to constantly change our thoughts, beliefs and ultimately the layout of our entire life. 

We are not born in an ethos of insufficiency – rather, it is something we learn. When we grow up hearing things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “no, we don’t have the money for that” then we learn at a very young age just that… it’s sparse and hard to come by. There is no room for frivolity or “treating yourself.” I’ve personally done a lot of work within this realm of mindset. I did grow up in the above household, but so did my parents and theirs too who lived through the Great Depression. The scarcity mentality is something that you need to be aware of because we all know that like attracts like. When we constantly sit and simmer in a state of shortage, we will only attract more of it towards us.  

We are all in school here on Earth. We are learning every day, even if it is not in an scholarly setting. If we really dig deep and study what we spend our money on, sometimes we purposely over look the things that hurt us like, alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. We invest in things that make us feel better about the way we look like teeth whitening, manicures, plastic surgery or changing our outward appearance. Why is it that when we look at the cost of something that can heal us internally – to help heal our souls and help us move forward, without needing any of the above – we are so quick to say “I don’t have the money” or “that is too expensive.”

We invest in our education because if we don’t invest then we have no right to expect quality – we’re not entitled to anything. If you were to get your education paid for – say by your parents, chances are you won’t even show up, as you were not the one who invested your hard earned pay into it.  We are spiritual students and nothing is more important for us to put our time and fortune into than our spiritual education. Nothing is more important. I have spent money and precious moments of my life for almost 10 years studying under some of the best teachers and learning the skills to coaching. I honed my craft, completely flipped my negative mindset, and learned to control my anxieties and fears. The abundance of pay offs are huge.

When you do the work to shift your mindset, your payoffs will be huge too. When we do the work internally our external world follows. Our attitude is our thought life turned inside out. What are your thoughts? What is your mindset? Which lifestyle do you want to invest in?