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Business Confidence Quiz

What Is Your Business Confidence Quotient?

Discover what stops you from playing a bigger game in your business and taking it to the next level! Take the quiz and find out. But first, let Heather give you a warm welcome and explain to you why you should take the quiz.


Answer “yes” or “no” to each of the following statements.

1. I know exactly who my ideal client/target market is. I’ve niched down and now work with a very specific, narrow niche instead of a large, generic niche.


2. If I were to describe my ideal client in the form of an avatar, I could easily do that.


3. I know exactly what problem I’m solving for my target market with my services/products.


4. My offerings are designed based on research of my target market so they make the most sense to my customers.


5. My offerings are clearly structured: they are not vague. My customers can easily understand what they’re getting when they buy my specific offerings.


6. I feel confident getting out there with my offerings because I know that they hold a tremendous value for my target market.


7. I can list the expenses behind my offerings and I know what the minimum price of my services/products needs to be so I don’t lose money. I also know what my competition offers and how their offerings are priced.


8. I know exactly what my marketing message is. I feel confident getting my business out.


9. I can talk about my work and my offerings in a way that makes my target market tick.


10. I know exactly what marketing language I need to use in my messaging. I know precisely what language needs to be used in my materials, my website etc. so that my target market feels drawn to my company and my offerings.


11. I have a very clear idea of what makes me stand out in the marketplace and what my Unique Selling Proposition is.


12. I can reach my target market easily because I know where they are. I know precisely what marketing strategies make the most sense for my company.


13. I am skilled and confident in using the marketing strategies that make the most sense for my company (or someone in my company is).


14. I am happy with the online and offline presence of my company.


15. I am happy with my company’s presence on social media. I have account wherever my audience is. And I have a Social Media Plan.


16. I know how to create trust between my company and potential clients.


17. I am confident dealing with the “big fish” (i.e. important people, people in higher positions of authority).


18. I have 100% clarity on all the tasks that my business needs to perform on a regular basis.


19. All tasks that my business needs to perform regularly are being managed in the most efficient way possible.


20. I have a list of things that are non-negotiable for me when it comes to my personal life or my well-being.


21. I have what it takes to take my company to a higher level.


22. I have a very clear idea of how my company will grow in the next years.


23. I know how to innovate my offerings so that my company can keep growing.


24. I know how to leverage my business.


25. I see myself as a millionaire. It’s an identity that I have no problem stepping into.


26. I’m happy with the pricing of my offerings and with the profits they yield.


27. I know exactly how to conduct a sales conversation and how to close a deal.


28. I can formulate things in a way that before the deal is closed the client’s expectations and my expectations of the terms and conditions are 100% clear.


29. I am skilled in dealing with buying objections of my target market.


30. I’m emotionally ready to start playing a bigger game financially.



Shhhh! You just got a sneak-peek into my Business Confidence Program! This is the first thing I ever do when someone signs up to work with me. I take them through an Initial Assessment much like this one, only way deeper. As we sit down, we take a look at the state their company is in and identify which of these areas need most help and support so they can start playing a bigger business game in the shortest time possible. Not a trivial task, but not an impossible one either! Let’s see what your results mean now!

If you answered “yes” to 1-10 of the questions: It seems like your business fundamentals need to be reviewed so that you can create a solid framework for your company before you take it to the next level. You have come a long way building your business and nurturing it in its initial stage, but now it’s time to solidify the foundations you built. If I were to work with you in person, we would focus exactly on that! Creating a solid enough foundation so that when the time comes (and it can come sooner than you think) to take your business to the next level, you are more than ready to do that with nothing standing in your way. Because no matter where you are right now, your business needs to move forward.
If you answered “yes” to 11-25 of the questions: You have put significant effort and commitment into building a solid foundation for your company. You’ve had some great results and you are quite happy with what you’ve achieved and accomplished thus far. However, you realize that you can’t afford to stay at this level. You know you have to grow. But you either lack in some of the business foundations such as clarity of your tribe, offerings, productivity, marketing, messaging etc. OR you lack the confidence and the mindset to take things to the next level. If I were to sit down with you as a client of mine, we would focus on boosting both the business foundations of your company, as well as your confidence and mindset.
If you answered “yes” to more than 25 questions: You have come very far in your business! It seems like you have quite a good degree of clarity when it comes to where your company needs to go from here. You have built solid foundations for your business, you have cultivated your courage and confidence muscle along the way, but something may be missing! If you fell into the category, you may only need a nudge (instead of a big push) to take things to the next level. But be it a nudge or a push, you have difficulty taking that leap of faith alone. If I were to sit down with you and support you in person in my Business Confidence Program, I would make sure that we find the right motivation, confidence and strategy to help you cross that threshold from a smaller business into a big one. You are so close to a big business game! Don’t stop.